Release Notes for September, 2020

What's new?

  • User Base dashboard - allows internal teams to track growth of user base per customer, country or vertical.

- Access Control for Partners
-- New UI in the login screen
-- Partners can now login into Studio and only see their workflows.
-- New way to manage user sessions, which would allow us to restrict access to specific screens if needed.

- Created UI Add ons that allow Storefront to accept customizable products (ie. for QSRs).

  • Allow Storefronts with shared UI add ons to be published and shared.
  • Implemented event analytics with Segment and Mixpanel on Storefront.
  • Enabled Datadog on AWS integration for the Delivery team to be able to access key indicators for their operations.

What improvements have we pushed out to existing features?

  • Dashboard to monitor the current vs. expected number of data pipeline runs.

- Added more DAGs/Pipelines in Composer (e.g. USA to India Syncs, WABA Pgres Sync), which will automate tasks and save time.

  • Email alerts in Google Composer when a DAG/Pipeline in Airflow fails, which will help us act faster when problems arise.
  • Created pre-calculated fact tables of legacy data for conversations and user states transitions, which will help reduce time of querying data in our dashboards.

- Storefront
-- Allow Storefront's cart view to trigger a query and only show prices when required (ie. for Domino's).
-- Users are now asked to confirm before deleting a product from their cart.
-- Storefront collections can now be queried and filtered.
-- Implemented minimum order UI to ensure customers know whether they have added enough products to their cart.

  • Yalo Console
    -- Campaigns can now be tested multiple times before being sent.
    -- Implemented Spot Service when using the campaign functionality for selected customers.
    -- HSMs can now be searched by content, not just name, when creating a campaign.
    -- Campaigns will now re-try the check contact process automatically.
    -- Campaigns can now be automatically stopped if check contact process fails.
    -- An email will now be automatically sent to the customer (and our customer service team) when a campaign fails.
  • Documentation in place to comply with platform requirements for secure endpoint integrations
  • New versions of the notification services on the spot-services deployment.
  • Documentation for Spot services and their implementation was created.
  • Automatic authentication of Whatsapp containers to allow monitoring

What bugs have we fixed?

  • Improved query time to solve a problem with BigQuery failing, given we were exceeding their quota.
  • Manual syncs and improvements to solve a problem with Fivetran performing poorly due to high volume of data.
  • Whatsapp Notifications Watchdog was missing data since September 7, 2020, and is now synced to date.
  • Fixed a bug in Studio that caused the tab to crash after leaving a session open for multiple hours.
  • Fixed a bug in Studio that was causing (some) Jobs Done tags being saved incorrectly with an HTML format.
  • Fixed a bug in Studio that was preventing activities from being inserted to a workflow.
  • Fixed a bug in Studio that was not recognizing quotation marks in FAQs content. (Done in staging, pending push to production).
  • Fixed a bug in Studio that was preventing new intents added in Intents Training tab from showing up in the intents dropdown. It previously required a refresh. (Done in staging, pending push to production).
  • Fixed a bug that prevented media previews to be shown in miniflow during campaign creation.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented WActivator to correctly set the host name in Consul.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in Storefront collections not showing in the appropriate order.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Publish Command of the CLI from working properly.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented campaigns to be used in the India Environment.
  • Fixed Storefront UI issues, especially when being rendered in Safari.
  • A full solution was provided under one of our current endpoints for those customers dealing with SSL issues because of their windows server Version


IT IS HIGHLY ADVISED for all customers to update to the most recent versions of their Windows servers. This is not a permanent solution.

- Fixed a bug when trying to publish a static web-view

  • Fixed a connectivity issue with RBL notification API
  • Change on DNS for Webview-ecommerce.
  • Fixed a bug for non-displayed messages on Front (but stored in Big Query)

Operation upgrades

  • Documentation of WABA API and Cloud F(x) - Redesign and adding new clients
    • Old Architecture: too many manual tasks
- **Improved Architecture: automated and faster**


  • Documented and productized the process of adding new clients in Frontapp.


  • Documented and created current process flow for funnel/customer journey creation.
  • 260 Whatsapp numbers were upgraded to the v2.27.13
  • Claroshop now operates under multiconnect. This ensures higher reliability and throughout.
  • Banco Industrial now has a new VPN IP
  • Migration of two Chattigo bots from IND-env to US-env
  • Backups for the MySQL WA deployments were done
  • Enable access to historic notifications for the Data team
  • Big storage service was deployed in India to reduce loading times latency
  • 85 un-used Sirena WABAs were removed
  • BBQ nation B2C webview was deployed in India environment.