Release Notes for Console, Studio and more!

Yalo Console

What's new?

  • Notifications Dashboard in Console — New layout for displaying notification metrics, grouped by sent, delivered, read, and error states. We also enabled an "Activity" tab where you can download all your notification data in a CSV format. This dashboard was launched for the Global (non-India) environment, and we'll soon add the India environment.
  • WhatsApp Logs Dashboard in Console — Tracks performance metrics, such as number of requests, average processing time, invalid numbers, and WhatsApp API errors. Available for BAZ only but we can add more customers easily.

  • Jobs Done Dashboard — Created a new dashboard in Looker with Jobs Done Funnels per type and tag. This will help track the completion of definable tasks within a workflow, measured by events and unique users.

Looker Dashboard:

  • Data transfer of user states & conversations for BAZ . A new way of directly transferring raw data to a customer who wants to do their internal analysis - designed in Streamsets and implemented in Composer.

  • Monthly manual reports for Coppel have all been added to Console. This will automate a lot of manual work previously done by Data team. These reports include:
    -- Notification summary & detail
    -- Funnels (separated with tabs) & friendlier names for states
    -- STOP report

What's better?

  • Solved a bug with Jobs Done tags that will help us have more accuracy when measuring job completion.
  • Incorporated the use of Google Composer as an Orchestrator to automate the execution of Data Pipelines, and to give better visibility and metrics about the execution of the same.

What's been fixed?

  • A bug that prevented the "Team and Tag" dropdown to close when clicking outside.
  • A bug that prevented the user from clearing the date filter within the list of campaigns.

Yalo Studio

What's new?

  • Jobs Done 2.0 functionality added to Studio in India environment

What's been fixed?

  • A bug that sometimes prevented the user from saving changes made to templates.
  • A bug that sometimes prevented the user from seeing all activities and states in the "List" view.
  • A bug that prevented the user from scrolling down the activities list in the "List" view.
  • A bug that prevented the user from searching and editing a copy in the "List" view.
  • A bug that showed duplicated verticals in the left sidebar of the "All bots" view.
  • Removed functionalities deprecated or no longer working in Studio:
    1. "Channels" tab inside "Settings" sidebar
    2. "Duplicate bot" tab inside "Settings" sidebar
    3. "Smartcasts" option in top navigation menu
    4. "Users" option in top navigation menu
    5. "Audiences" option in top navigation menu
    6. "CSAT" icon in the flow view
    7. "Train FAQs" and "Small Talk" tabs inside NLP sidebar

Yalo StoreFront

What's better?

  • Upgraded Storefront User API to support customized products for QSR commerce implementations.
  • Implemented a lazy loading-model for Storefront to avoid loss of performance when supporting large quantities of items.

What's been fixed?

  • Bug where the quantity badge was shown even when the amount of products added to the cart was 0.
  • Bug where the default background color was not white.
  • Bug that returned only 1 Storefront collection even when more existed.


  • Upgraded WhatsApp Activator lambdas to allow India to easily add new partners (ie. Chattigo, Callbell, etc.), letting them activate WhatsApp numbers on their own.
  • Chattigo WhatsApp Activator: Slack-based tool that allows Chattigo to activate phone numbers directly in a shared Slack channel.
  • Spot Service - Beta Testing of spot service with FEMSA and Banzo Azteca, allowing to send notifications quicker and more efficiently.
  • HSM Buttons enabled for Bothub