First Steps

Previous requirements

Before you can use the Yalo Notifications API and start sending messages, you must follow certain steps to start sending messages.


The Client must be approved to use the Facebook Enterprise API.

The process is the following:

  1. Send the ID of the Business Manager.
    i. Enter
    ii. Go to Business Setting
    iii. Go to the Business Info Section.
  2. In the notification bell, confirm Yalo’s request.
  3. Verify the Business Manager by following this page: Verify Your Business
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  1. The Client is approved to obtain a verified profile that allows users to know what they are talking about with the official company profile.
  2. Activation of the phone number with WhatsApp.
  3. You must have API Token provided by Yalo and the Production Endpoints.


The Rules of Notifications

You can only send messages through HSM or WhatsApp Authorized Templates.

You can register these templates on our platform: Yalo Console.

What’s Next
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