Product view

Product view is a detail about product, you can see a large image, title, description and price. Additional, if product have some promotion or discount, it'll have a badge indicating this, and the last price before discount.

Main elements


  • Always use clear and concise title for each product.


  • A description must accompany title to provide further context or clarity
  • Regarding included options, be explicit indicating the quantity and conditions.
  • Long descriptions may wrap to a second or third line, and this is preferable to truncation.
  • Do not truncate description text with an ellipsis.

Price (last price)

  • The price must be in country currency.
  • Add the currency label and country correct nomenclature for the price.

Custom options

When to use

Used when product have multiple options to select, you can select one or more selection components to achieve a customized order.

When don't use

When product don't have options to customize it. Just show the counter to change the quantity in bottom.

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