Simple link

Links are used as navigational elements. They may appear on their own, within a sentence or paragraph, or directly following the content.

When use

Used when need a lightweight option for navigation or action.

  • Navigate to a different page within the application.
  • Navigate to an entirely different site
  • Jump to an element on the same page

When don't use

Use a button instead of a link for actions that will change data or manipulate how it is displayed, change a state, or trigger an action. Buttons should never be used for navigational actions.

Main elements


Communicates what is being linked.

  • Links need to be clear enough to be understood by the user, but should not be so long.
  • We recommend links be two words or fewer.
  • Since links take users to a new location, it is important that their labels accurately reflect the content users will find at the link destination.



Links allows two states: default & disabled.

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