Text Area

Text area inputs enable the user to interact with and input content. This component can be used for long and short form entries.

When to use

Used when can add a comment related with customization for product or current order and when the expected user input is more than one sentence.

Main elements


A label is a short description of the requested input.

  • Label is not instructional text but they should be meaningful and clearly indicate what is expected.
  • Label must helps users understand what information to enter into text area.

Placeholder text

Placeholder text is shown inside the form field to teach what to input.

  • Placeholder text provides hints or examples of what to enter.
  • Labels must be visible when an input gets focus.
  • Placeholder text disappears after the user begins entering data into the input and should not contain crucial information.



The radio button input allows for a series of states: defaultfocus & disabled.

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