This page will help you get started with Yalo APIs

The basic flow

The basic flow to send/receive messages has three steps:

  1. Authenticate with a user account or admin account to obtain an access token.
  2. View bots associated with that account
  3. As the bot:
  • Send notifications or messages as the bot to a user
  • Subscribe a Webhook to receive a message from the user to the bot

We offer a Pass-through API that does this for partners on Whatsapp. The public documentation is at

Read on if you

  • Want to use as-yet-unreleased APIs
  • Are on the Delivery or Applications teams and want to use APIs internally to implement advanced workflows.

Authenticating with a customer account

You will use your Yalo Google identity, which has been provisioned in the Staging environment with access to test accounts on Whatsapp and Facebook.

  1. Get sample accounts

  2. Create a new Kong token for an account